If a company added turbines like these close to your home, without consulting you at all, what would your concerns be? 


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Landowners individually named in lawsuit re: DeKalb, IL County Board Wind Ordinance, 1-9-2010

A Wisconsin farmer talks about his regrets

A medical doctor's plea
for longer setbacks, based on recent evidence,
Jan. 8, 2010

Noise contaminated home assessed at 50% previous value

TV reception a complaint at Maple Ridge's wind farm


Wind Farms in Adams County
Advocates for Responsible Energy Development


 Life in an Illinois Wind Farm:
What Do You Need to Know?









                                                             Photo Credit: Betterplan.squarespace.com

Advocates for Responsible Energy Development (ARED)

ARED is a growing group who represents the concerns of more than 600 citizens from all over Adams County.  We believe that any wind development in Adams County should be created "responsibly."   That means a wind farm must be safe, fair for all parties who are affected by it, and the product of an open, public process.   ARED exists to educate the public, do continuing research on the issue, and speak to government officials and the media on behalf of those who feel they cannot speak out on their own.

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Questions?  Contact us at:  Responsible.Development@hotmail.com

The list of those who sign up to be part of ARED is kept confidential.  You will receive emails, meeting notifications, and information from the group from time to time. 
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The Effects of an Illinois Windfarm
on a Family and their Dream Home


This site features videos of the daily "shadow flicker" that this DeKalb, Illinois family must live with for 45 minutes every morning.  It also includes their day to day entries about the noise and other effects of living in the middle of a wind farm.  They are now talking about moving out of their dream home, but they'll need to find a buyer who will pay fair market value for a home with 13 huge wind turbines within a mile of it.  The nearest turbines to them are 1400 feet away--just a little farther than the 1320 feet Adams County allows. 




Above:  an unidentified house in DeKalb County with a new addition "in the backyard" (actually at least 1400 feet from the foundation, according to their setbacks).

Testimony about Noise Effects on an Ellsworth, Illinois Family
(from a tower 1500 feet away from a home--the Adams County setback is only 1320 feet)

"Living with turbines has caused us to change many things in our lives.  While we retain the use of our property, much of the time we are no longer able to enjoy it.  We do what we need to do outside and hurry back inside, confined to our house to avoid the constant sounds from the turbines and substation...

"These sounds can clearly be heard inside our home...every member of our family has experienced difficulty sleeping, headaches, irritability, pressure in our ears, and fatigue since the turbines closest to us began operation...Some in our family have also experienced heart palpitations.  My youngest daughter tells me it feels like a hamster running inside her chest...the noise is most common at night and occurs often between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.  We are often awakened by the noise and find it very difficult, if not impossible to go back to sleep..."  

-- Rene Taylor, rural Ellsworth, IL  from testimony given before a Union, WI planning commission on 5-28-08.  The closest tower to her home is 1500 feet away--(we only have a 1320 foot setback in Adams County)


Leased land is often marked "No Trespassing."  It is an industrial zone, that prevents other types of development on leased ground and discourages homes or businesses from locating on nearby ground.

Photo Credit:  Betterplan.squarespace.com

Wind turbines located near homes can negatively affect the value of that real estate.  (see more details). To be fair, shouldn't the wind developer submit a plan to compensate those landowners for any loss of value? 

Real Estate Values:  Conclusion of Iowa State University Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

“At present time, anecdotal data indicates that wind turbines have a depressing effect on nearby land values and are a drag on the ag real estate market.  Most recent anecdotal data from Illinois indicates that assessed value on farmland is dropping approximately 22-30 percent on farmland that is near land where wind turbines have been placed.  Also, the increased risk of getting sued for nuisance has a dampening effect on value.”  

Source:  Iowa State University Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

“Wind Energy Production: Legal Issues and Related Liability Concerns for Landowners in Iowa and Across the Nation”  www.calt.iastate.edu        


A Wisconsin Farmer's Regrets
Why can't he speak openly about it?
When you sign a 20-30 year contract to host a wind turbine on your property you may be signing away many rights you're unaware of. A confidentiality agreement in the contract may mean legal action can be taken against you if you complain publicly about the project.  A Fond Du Lac farmer signed away his rights.  He was interviewed by Don Bangart who wrote the following on behalf of the farmer, whose contract with the wind company prevents him from speaking openly about any problems.
(Read this Farmer's Story)



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